Innovation Techniques

Generate Innovative Ideas Faster

Powerful visual ideation tools to generate innovative ideas for products and services collaboratively.

  • Premade templates to map out your innovation strategies and processes
  • Brainstorming tools to discover innovative ideas for products or services
  • Real-time collaboration to work with stakeholders on strategy development
Innovation Techniques
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Visual Tools for Effective Ideation

Visual Tools for Effective Ideation

Visual Tools for Effective Ideation

Online whiteboard with true multi user collaboration to seamlessly conduct brainstorming and planning sessions remotely.

Built-in brainstorming tools like mind maps and post-it note walls to get the best ideas out and organize them for easier analysis.

Visual voting for idea prioritization and prioritization grids to visually rank ideas for optimal effort and impact or benefits and risks.


Identify Opportunities Easily

Identify Opportunities Easily

Multiple ready-made visual templates to get a headstart on idea conception and implementation; from storyboards to roadmaps to wireframes.

Infinite canvas with freehand drawing to sketch and storyboard your idea to build on it better.

Professional diagramming tools to visually analyze market trends, customer journeys, business capabilities, and more.

Identify Opportunities Easily
Collaborate with Your Team, Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with Your Team, Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with Your Team, Anytime, Anywhere

Multi-user collaboration with concurrent editing to collaborate around innovation projects and tracking with your team.

@mention comments to direct people to get things done or clarify things and comment threads to have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your ideas, plans, and strategies.

Workspace level status tracking; mark workspaces as Draft, In Progress, Final, Archived, etc. to maintain workflows and to keep everyone in sync.

Smart notifications to stay updated on changes other stakeholders make to your ideas and plans.


Discover Insights Faster

Discover Insights Faster

Migrate research data on market trends and competitors from external sources to visualize on the canvas as meaningful shapes for easier analysis.

Import reports, screenshots, and images, and attach key documents with in-app previews to centralize all information and assets needed for decision-making.

Built-in tools to create dynamic and interactive presentations, reports, dashboards to onboard stakeholders with innovation strategies.

Discover Insights Faster
Implement Your Ideas Effectively

Implement Your Ideas Effectively

Implement Your Ideas Effectively

Frames for Kanban boards, timelines, grids, and more to visually arrange your plans and create a view for your own working style on the canvas.

Built-in project management tools and integrations to popular task management platforms to keep your team work flowing.

Assign tasks to complete items in context. Link tasks to or from other project management tools seamlessly.

Set estimated times and due dates for tasks and allocate resources based on availability and skill sets.

What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the process used to generate new and unique ideas or solutions and convert them to products or services that can add value to the customer.

How to Come up with Innovative Ideas?

  • Identify and define the problem that should be the focus of your solution. Conduct thorough research to gather enough information on it. You can rely on surveys and interviews to reach out to your customers.
  • Gather a team of experts and start looking for solutions. Organize the ideas you come across during the brainstorming session in a brainstorming map template.
  • Share the template with everyone, even remote employees. Any changes they make to the map will appear in real time.
  • You can generate ideas to create something brand new or modify an existing product or service by adding new features. However, make sure that the idea you select is profitable to your company.
  • Create a low-budget prototype of your product to test it out before actual production. This way you can identify where you should make improvements.
  • Test your prototype with a selected group of potential customers or stakeholders. Their opinions can be used to further refine your product.
  • Once you launch your product, you can monitor the response from your audience and use it to continue improving your product or service.
  • Export your workspace in JPEG, SVG, PNG, or PDF formats or share with colleagues for real-time feedback collection.
  • Present your analysis to key stakeholders with Creately’s advanced presentation capabilities. Share an edit/review workspace link with others so anyone can easily access it to monitor the progress.