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Quickly analyze, interpret, and troubleshoot your server infrastructure

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Deliver effective server management

Track and manage all your IT infrastructure with ease

  • Store, collaborate and share your rack diagrams with entire teams
  • Create a central, secure repository to store and manage all your server diagrams and structures. Manage permissions and control who has access to your diagrams
  • Visualize any stage of the server management lifecycle. Use UML diagrams, data flow diagrams, network diagrams, and other visuals to streamline your service management process

Easily understand complex system designs

Determine the optimal setup of your rack that is best suited for your organizational needs

  • Create detailed rack diagrams to identify issues while troubleshooting
  • Design systems with various components such as monitors, hard drives, power strips, etc. and clearly convey intricate processes to a wide audience
  • Use industry-standard symbols, and formatting features to customize your rack diagram specifically to your needs.

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Works with the tools you love

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