Customer Problem Statement Template

Understand Your Customers Better

Identify and understand the problems, challenges, and viewpoints of your customers to solve them and design a better experience.

  • Customizable templates and shapes for a quick start
  • Powerful documentation capabilities to record information and analyze
  • Share workspaces and collaborate to brainstorm and discuss
Customer Problem Statement Template
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Discover Customer Insights Faster

Discover Customer Insights Faster

Discover Customer Insights Faster

Whiteboard capabilities with built-in brainstorming to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

10,000+ professional shape library and freehand drawing for sketching, wireframing, and prototyping solutions in low fidelity.

Sticky notes to add ideas and important notes to keep track of your objectives and discussions.

Import data from other sources to house all information in one place to analyze and record customer-centric insights.


Visually Arrange Information for Presentation and Clarity

Visually Arrange Information for Presentation and Clarity

Multiple pre-made templates including customer journey maps, empathy maps, and problem statements to kickstart each stage of the design thinking process.

Grids, tables and Kanban boards to visually arrange the gathered customer related information for clarity to understand the need for the product/service.

Insert icons, images and other visual representations to improve presentation and understanding.

Visually Arrange Information for Presentation and Clarity
Discuss, Comment and Collaborate to Draw Conclusions

Discuss, Comment and Collaborate to Draw Conclusions

Discuss, Comment and Collaborate to Draw Conclusions

Share workspaces and folders with your team to discuss and collaborate to identify customer related issues.

Multiplayer capabilities to work together to draw conclusions to finalize the problem statement.

In line commenting to add comments for feedback, discussions and async collaboration.

Embed your workspaces securely in any site or intranet, or export them as PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs, or SVGs to share or publish them.

What is a Customer Problem Statement Template?

A customer problem statement is an essential step In the design thinking process. The design thinking process involves putting yourself in the shoes of the customer to understand their needs, wants, thoughts and feelings.

The customer problem statement template provides guidelines to create a problem statement. The template includes a customer’s needs and challenges, in a theoretical basis. The statement should be specific and include the best customer data that you have. Also, be empathetic in your approach so that you can better understand the customer.

How to Create a Customer Problem Statement Template?

  • Use Creately’s whiteboard and free hand drawing tools to brainstorm and discuss the formulation of the problem statement. You can also opt to start right away with a readily available template.
  • Use the shapes library, dynamic text formatting and color themes, connectors, mind maps, tables and Kanban boards to list out issues and visualize the information.
  • Drag and drop documents, images and data sources to keep track and also to analyze all relevant information.
  • Share the workspace with colleagues and peers to collaborate.
  • Export as a PDF to share for feedback and review.